_25 Jan

Prey for Audio Designers

At the start of 2024 we had some OTG (Off-The-Grid) time to help us get back into the swing of things following the festive break. My sound redesign challenge from last year went down really well and I had so much fun creating it that I decided to do it again! Here's the story.

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16 January

Happy Birthday To Us!

One year ago this week, the five co-founders of Fuse gathered together in London to put pen to paper - yep, we kept it real - and signed the documents bringing Fuse to life.

7 November

Dare At EGX

Years ago, before joining the games industry I took a university degree in Computer Games Technology from Abertay University. As part of that I had the chance to take part in a little competition called Dare To Be Digital.

19 October

Having more fun with Blender!

My journey into videogames started a long time ago. When Who Framed Roger Rabbit appeared in the cinema, I was fascinated with Animation, but I could never draw to the quality I wanted to be able to. Instead, I found some 3D Graphics software on my Atari ST. Staring with POV Ray and evolving over the years into 3D Studio I taught myself how to model Spaceships and strange characters.

14 June

Hey, Listen!

Hi there! During one of the Off The Grids held by Fuse Games every Friday I decided to play Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, with the initial aim of writing down my thoughts on the game experience. I started to jot down a bunch of notes, delving into the excellent gameplay mechanics, the narrative context, sublime audio and visual style – however I was also jotting down how it made me feel.