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At FUSE we love games and love making games - this means that how we make games is as important to us as what it is that we are making. We bring energetic, creative collaboration to rapidly build, share, play & change our work together. Creating a space for everyone to feel safe and included in order to be responsibly open, to be generous and to be our best selves.​


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Private Medical and Dental Insurance

Medical and dental insurance with Bupa to provide essential coverage so you and your family are able to access quality healthcare services when you need them.


Life insurance

Insurance is your safety net in a world filled with uncertainties. It's a financial arrangement that provides you with a cushion against unforeseen events, so we at FUSE offer life cover that is 4 times your basic salary.


Pension Plan

A pension plan is your bridge to a secure and comfortable retirement and is designed to help you build and maintain a stable source of income once you have hung-up your game-making hat and at FUSE we offer an employer contribution of 5%.


Weekly Personal Development Time

At Fuse we really value having some time to play, be creative and explore things that inspire or intrigue you. Our Off-the-Grid Time (OTG) is an opportunity to spend 90 minutes every Friday afternoon working on something that excites, inspires and that you're passionate about.

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We truly understand the value of building teams and we commit ourselves to work lead, grow, develop and fuse our people together with a clear, compelling vision and aligned and well communicated constraints that are under pinned by studio values.

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